801 Clarendon Street Chattanooga, TN 37405

I started asking, in writing, for repairs the 1st of March when I paid my rent which is $2500 per month.

My kids can’t breathe, the fish can’t breathe, I sound pretty angry…it’s because I was :(

I have added the pics for the air filters as previously discussed. this happens every 3 weeks or so.

Pics of what the dishwasher does when I try to wash dishes, as well as broken wheels on the rack. Pics from when I got a bid for the pond. It does NOT need to be emptied as of right now, as I almost have the water as clear as a bell, but it WILL NOT stay that way without the waterfall aerating the water.

Last 2 images, another tree has fallen and the fish pic, they are all the way at the bottom…ie: you can see them.

So this was at the beginning of June…2019

It’s now almost the end of June, and still nothing has been done. I will be posting a complete story to everything that has happened with my experience here.

Other repairs that have yet to be addressed let alone fixed.

  • Broken tread on stairway

  • Another amost broken tread on stairway.

  • Front deck walk gets slick every time it rains, I slipped one day and fell down super hard, still not fixed.

  • The air ducts still not addressed, but ehy what do they care about that, it’s not their kids that are getting sick.

  • Dishwasher, not fixed, repairman said he told them that the first time. Needed to be replaced.

  • Same with stove, he can’t find anything wrong, but if you don’t stand right there with it, it will turn itself up and burn the shit out of your food. Maybe it’s a ghost. Self clean? not all the way.

  • My son, allergies, mold one of them. Pond in front, broken, is it growing mold? you betcha! But not their kids allergic, so what do they care.