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What Older Women Need to Know About Tinder

An interview with a peer … At 57, she downloaded Bumble — Tinder seemed too aggressive, she told me. She’s also tried Happn and OkCupid, but quickly trashed them because she didn’t find a big enough pool of users in her age range, or found the app to be too trendy. Sites like eHarmony and […]


Don’t be fooled, you are not the exception. How will you know if you have a toxic person in your life? Let me introduce to you the three most common mind games of toxic people and feel free to judge for yourself. Please, make sure, once this person proves to be toxic, not to convince […]

Raising My Children On My Own

A single mom’s parenting duties are no different than they are for a married one — except that you’re on your own. Here are some of the biggest worries of new single moms, and a few words of wisdom to help you overcome them. EMMA DARVICK When my daughter, Mae, was 7 months old, her […]

Recovering From Emotional Abuse

Up, down, high, low, good, bad, black, white, push, pull. Emotional abuse takes a heavy toll on our hearts and minds, planting lies in our psyche that, left untended, can last long after the roller coaster is over. It’s hard to dig deep and identify these wounds, especially when we may not even be aware […]